Is this a talent agency?

This is not a talent agency. It is just an information source and exposure medium for those looking for local performing artists, performing arts related events & performing arts organizations. We do not get paid a finders or referral fee and any one listed on our “yellow pages” is completely independent of the Performing Arts Link-Up.

What does an upgrade include?

An upgrade is $5 a month and it includes up to 4 more additional images/videos. This allows the listing to be more competitive and give the browser more to view when deciding to contact concerning a potential viewing.

What is a performing artist?

For the purposes and intentions of this site a performing artists is a dancer, singer, actor, comedian, singer, musician, poet/spoken word artist or organization that encompasses those individuals.

I’m not a performing but I work in that field. Can I list myself?

All creative and instructional forces pertaining to the performing arts (instructors, choreographers, playwrights, directors, producers, coaches, composers, etc..) for the purposes of this site are categorized as performing artists and are greatly desired & encouraged to join the directory. Any any technical resources surrounding the performing arts (stage crew, A/V, engineers, set design and props, etc..) would be considered a resource and not a performing artist and would be encouraged to join the resources vendor listing.


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