The Founder

Interview at “Get Your Act Together” Podcast

Tiffany Nicole Wright is a native of Jacksonville, FL.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of North Florida. Tiffany is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and Leadership Jacksonville’s Collegiate Leadership Experience (CLE) 2007 (the best class).

Her professional background is in Retail Pharmacy and in Health & Fire Insurance.

However, when not at work, her time has been devoted to the performing arts. Since the age of 10, Tiffany had been playing the clarinet, ministering in the art of liturgical dance and singing in choirs.

It was however at the age of 23 that she realized it was no longer just a hobby and something that she just did at church, but that God had bigger plans for her and the world of performing arts.

At 23 she took her first ballet class & she hasn’t looked back since. She has performed in several dance theater productions and has also become proficient in stage manager and production manager work. Working with Jacksonville performing arts scene leaders including Kim Hunter, Tonya Brown, Bob Schupp, Michelle Ottley, Linda Perkins, Gwen Washington-Collins, Kavin Grant, Hermia Williams, Darryl Reuben Hall, Sherrod “Prince Rod” Brown, Samuel Hills III, Jeremie Raickett & Toni Diamond-Bingham, she has learned so much and gained so much experience.

It is because of this that Tiffany knows how intimidating getting out into the performing arts scene can be and can identify with all the challenges that come with it. It is because of this that the idea for The Performing Arts Link-Up began to form.

Tiffany says, “There is so much talent, so many opportunites to peform, so many classes, coaches & institutions, so many events and yet no central place to find out about it all. These aren’t things that would be in the phone book or on television, but yet just social media or word of mouth wouldn’t do these people justice. My goal with this site is to unite this amazing niche, that is the local performing arts. There is a lot of talent between beginners and people that are famous or signed & we want to be their voice.”

Tiffany leaves you with this:
“It’s never too late to start chasing your dreams & once you start, never give up on them until your dead.”



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